Having 30 years of experience in serving different fields of industry by producing all kinds of Compression, Extension, Torsion and Wire shaped with wire diameter of 0.1 mm up to 32 mm, we are honored in rooting our goals in industrialization of country and globalization of our activities through technical co-operation with Allevard Rejna Auto Suspensions.


As one of the largest spring manufacturer companies in the Middle East, Iran Fanarlool Co. has the privilege of providing parallel service to the fastest growing industry of the region for almost two decades.The best quality of raw material utilizing most modern machineries helped our company to do benchmarking for development.The common values of all our members are based on
our team work and applying high standards which lead us to be customer oriented.
Iran Fanarlool Co. takes special care to:

  • The requirement of drawing and customer specification.
  • Selecting the best material (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel (Cr-V & Cr-Si ), Phosphor bronze , …. etc .


The commitment of Iran Fanarlool Co. is producing all kinds of spring required for various industries and increasing the productivity concerning the required quality to compete in the local and global markets.
The main concern of Iran Fanarlool Co. is continuous productivity and customer satisfaction, relying on improvement of human resources through training and research.

Quality Control

The reliability and the safety are the key points of our quality assuring policy. It begins at the planning stages and moves through all department up to dispatch.
Employees are assigned to take training courses to increase their capabilities of modern machinery and tools and the raw materials with the best quality.
The policy of continuous improvement ensures the company and customers to stand at the top level of industry.


The investments in advancing our technical capabilities to keep up with the international standards using up to date technical know-how, is the part of Iran Fanarlool Co. commitment to produce qualified springs.
To upgrade our old equipments as well as the installation of modern machines such as CNC coiling machine leads us to produce springs of diameters up to 32 mm, phosphated and with electro-static powder coating , tested by our quality control department, helps us to do our job as best as we can.
Our sales and production departments meet the requirements of our customers by applying design by softwares and begin in regular contact with them to achieve their requirements.